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Manage Classes Better With ClassDo 

With all your administrative tools at your fingertips, getting lessons organised, measuring engagement and learning outcomes is made more convenient 


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Classroom Management Made Easy

ClassDo understands that managing so many students, teachers and classes can be overwhelming for administrators. This is why we have equipped you with easy-to-use features that will make school administrative work a breeze. 


All Your Administrative Workflow At A Glance

ClassDo gives school administrators full control over  security, class management as well as user role assignment. 

cohesive classroom



Secure Access Always

All logins are authenticated via secured email login, with only invited room members allowed to enter the room.

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Say goodbye to multiple messy room links

Create a dedicated online classroom for each individual session or student, and return to the same room anytime.




Capture Data That Matters

From class attendance, to homework submission, polls and class recording, ClassDo allows administrators to capture key indicators of student participation and learning progress. 



Feature Highlights


Secure Lesson


Permanent Online Classrooms Without Messy Meeting Links



Automated Attendance Taking

To see how our features can help you better deliver lessons and engage students, try out ClassDo today! 

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