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Learn, Participate And Collaborate Effortlessly With ClassDo 

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The world is changing. So should the way you learn. 

As education evolves, so should learning tools for better outcomes.
ClassDo prepares students to be self-driven future-ready learners with our array of features. 


Enter Your Classroom Conveniently And Safely

No more keeping track of multiple meeting room links. With a fixed online classroom assigned to you, you can enter your class and log in easily with our safe and secure access feature. 

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Revise Your Lesson Materials Anytime

Each ClassDo online classroom assigned to you comes with a dedicated Content Library where you can conveniently access lesson materials, notes before, during or after the session has ended. 




Never Miss An Assignment Submission

Getting your completed assignments in on time is as easy as A-B-C.  




Receive Real Time Guidance For Your Desk Work

With ClassDo's personal virtual desk, students can work on assigned exercises under the immediate guidance of teachers. Got a question? Your teachers can respond to you individually and privately, at your own learning pace. 




Discuss, Collaborate And Share

Small groups discussion is made easier with ClassDo's breakout rooms. Brainstorm with your classmates and share your ideas with integrated apps for Youtube, images or PDFs. 

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ClassDo is a natural choice. It has many useful tools and features that enable me to teach online interactively and effectively, which other videoconferencing platforms lack. My students have also told me they prefer ClassDo to Zoom. They find it more effective as it is more interactive. They like being able to upload images of Math questions to share with everyone, and everyone can write and draw solutions together. They also find it very helpful for revision that all their notes and worksheets are saved on ClassDo and easily accessible whenever they want.My students and I like how powerful, and yet intuitive and simple to use ClassDo is. And they are always upgrading their features!
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Mrs Kee Hwee Sin
A/O Levels Maths coach, Mrs Kee Mathematics Consultation Space
Feature Highlights

Content Library


Breakout Groups


Personal Online Desk


Secure and Easy Lesson On-boarding


Designated Online Classrooms Without Multiple Messy Meeting Links


Get Homework Assigned and Submitted Hassle-free

To see how our features can help you better deliver lessons and engage students, try out ClassDo today! 

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