Gradually transform
repetitive skilling into
creative skilling

ClassDo helps corporate trainers and academic institutions, both in-person or remote, deliver participative and personalised learning with enjoyable ease
A collaborative Learning & Development (L&D) platform designed for the AI age

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1. Stay relevant and competitive in the AI age, by turning your repetitive workforce into a creative workforce

Repetitive machines + Repetitive workforce
= Company becomes OBSOLETE

We are training the repetitive workforce to memorise and follow instructions, in the same way we are training AI and robots. They end up fighting for jobs.

Repetitive machines + Creative workforce
= Company stays RELEVANT

A creative workforce works hand in hand with AI, by identifying problems and collaboratively finding solutions.

Transforming Repetitive Skilling into Creative Skilling

Instead of asking the workforce to memorise and follow instructions, a creative workforce defines problems and collaboratively find solutions.


Experience Creative Skilling

2. Simplicity -- Enjoy creative skilling without tech busywork, thanks to ClassDo’s integrated platform.

Without ClassDo, you're spending most of your time dealing with overwhelming tech busywork

To get started with creative skilling, typically one has to deal with a massive amount of tech busywork -- dozens of incompatible apps that can only be shared via screensharing, different storage drives, and hundreds of long URLs, all without stimulating creativity and collaboration online.

Skilling chaos

With ClassDo, one simple URL is all you need for smooth creative skilling

ClassDo is designed for only one purpose: creative skilling. One simple URL allows you to easily access all stakeholders, learning lifecycle, collaborative tools, and pedagogy.

Solution solved

Fully integrated - ClassDo makes everything simple

All the essentials you need for creative workforce transformation

(i) Stakeholders

Instantly, every stakeholder can contribute and collaborate, equipped with the exact permissions needed, and stay aligned without emails, attachments, or technical mess

(ii) Learning Lifecycle

Pre-training, During-training and Post-training -- from preparation to participation to reflection, transitioning through the entire learning lifecycle is smooth and seamless

(iii) Collaborative Tools

No screensharing and dealing with dozens of incompatible apps needed. ClassDo has all the tools you need for collaborative learning and creation in one place

(iv) Pedagogy

Effortlessly apply the latest best practices in creative skilling methodologies, to achieve better learning outcomes in the shortest possible time

3. Now you can focus on Participation and Personalisation without getting overwhelmed

Creative Skilling = Participation + Personalisation

Creative skilling is achieved through participation and personalization .
With ClassDo's integrated platform, stakeholders can immediately use specially designed tools to contribute and collaborate throughout the entire participative learning lifecycle, while personalising each workforce's learning needs.

Experience Participation and Personalisation


Singapore government's recommended tool for Corporate Training

Recognised as CEE (Cost Effective and Easy to use) tool for the nation's adult learning needs by the government's Institute for Adult Learning

Singapore's IT Leader of the Year 2021

Awarded Tech Heroes from Crisis for significant technological contribution to Singapore during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Stay relevant in the AI age. Give creative skilling a try.

ClassDo is designed to help you transition smoothly from a repetitive workforce to a creative one.

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