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Every educator's indispensable assistant for personalised learning

ClassDo is your pair of eyes and ears for real- time feedback on student engagement and performance, allowing educators to respond instantly to each student's learning needs. 

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Deliver Personalised Learning Effectively With ClassDo


Discover how ClassDo's integrated tools for personalised learning can help educators provide instant guidance to individual students in a group class, as well as empower them to deliver lessons effectively anywhere.

with tools for real time monitoring

Supervise student performance in-class and respond instantly

Re-create the physical "look-over-the-shoulder" learning experience with Virtual Desks and provide immediate feedback on each student's learning. Follow up on each individual's needs with data-driven learning analytics. 

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with integrated education-specific tools and workflow 

Teach immediately and effectively

Forget about switching between multiple app accounts or teaching tools. Share your lesson materials, assign homework, supervise desk work and more - all from one single platform. 

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with support for both remote and hyflex environments

Implement personalised learning anywhere

Remote learners can have the same learning experience, level of supervision and coaching as their in-person peers. 

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Singapore’s “Tech Heroes from Crisis"

In recognition of significant technological contributions to Singapore during COVID-19 crisis

ClassDo was awarded “IT Leader of the Year 2021: Tech Heroes from the Crisis” by Singapore Computer Society, the only education company among 20 winners which comprised mostly government health organisations and tertiary educational institutions involved in the fight against COVID-19

With integrated tools and workflows, ClassDo is every educator's indispensable assistant

Learning Analytics
Personalised Learning
Virtual Desk
Integrated Teaching Tools
Library with 24/7 Access
No Installation Needed
Smart Tabbed Contents
Take Notes On-the-Go
Real-time Sketching
Upload and Share PPT
Youtube Playback
Autosaved Annotation
Homework Submission
Second Device Visualiser
Simultaneous Screenshare
Tik Tok-styled Quick Poll
Permanent Classroom Links
Preset Breakout Teams

What Users Love Most About ClassDo

DCE Aidaroyani Adam-1
When schools had to close, our classes were not affected. With ClassDo, there wasn’t a day where our tuition classes got disrupted. Our tutors immediately went online through ClassDo, and our weekly lessons continued for the 3,000 students.
Mdm Aidaroyani Adam
Deputy CEO, MENDAKI, Singapore
Wilfred Ng TR-1
During the pandemic, we had to quickly pivot online for our staff and clients' safety. ClassDo stood out with its technology and customer focus, with its platform boasting an intuitive user interface and many features which our tutors and students find incredibly useful. Ever since we have adopted ClassDo as our online learning platform, we continuously see new features and major improvements on the platform that further bolster the learning experience for our tutors and students.
Wilfred Ng
Co-Founder and CEO, TeachRequest, Canada
Daniel Loke_TheScienceLab
My teachers and I have also been able to use ClassDo’s one-of-a-kind virtual desks for every student to customise personalised lesson learning objectives effectively.
Daniel Loke
Director, The Science Lab, Singapore
Jason Lee
ClassDo is perhaps the most user-centric platform I've used. The team develops features that users REALLY want, resulting in a product that is both practical and accessible to educators and students anywhere.
Jason Lee
Founder, Love 2 Learn Online Maths Tuition, Singapore
Elaine Yoong_Jubilancy Tutelage
All my teaching notes and students’ worksheets are saved and downloadable. I like how my students can easily access them for  revision on any device any time after lessons.
Elaine Yoong
Founder and coach, Jubilancy Group, Singapore
Aditya Kapoor_Whyte Labs
Being able to see both the video feed and screen share from multiple students at the same time, along with the inbuilt whiteboard and the ability to easily switch between breakout groups by changing tabs, proved extremely useful as we trialled this radically different approach to teaching robotics. Would highly recommend ClassDo to anyone intimidated by the challenges of teaching online!
Aditya Kapoor
Co-founder, Whyte Labs, Singapore

ClassDo is also for sharing and collaborating 

After-school Tutoring
School Lessons
Focus Groups

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New to ClassDo? Follow these easy guides to start teaching on ClassDo for free in 10 minutes!