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Gradually transform repetitive skilling into creative skilling

Both in-person and remote, ClassDo helps corporate trainers and academic educators conduct participatory and personalised learning with ease


Start fostering learner creativity with ease

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Remote learning just as participatory as in-person

Transit your lessons easily from boring lectures to lively sessions where learners really learn

Educator-centred classes where educators screen-share and talk non-stop can cause learners to be distracted. Incorporate interactive class work and incentivise participation for a more dynamic, conducive learning environment for your learners. 

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Group classes just as personalised as 1-on-1 

Effortlessly customise lessons to match the pace of each individual, even in a group 

Learners with differing abilities are at a disadvantage when one-size-fits-all lessons are delivered in an educator-centred class. But when you switch to a learner-centred class, the ability to monitor each individual learner's progress, distribute work suitable for their ability and give immediate coaching in privacy allows your learners to get the most out of every session.

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Designed for learner-centred workflows


Upload differentiated learning materials for individual learners


Explore ideas and create solutions together


Participate in real-time seat work and coach according to individual abilities


Engage your learners and incentivise their participation 


Put your learners on the same page as you - literally


Analytics for insights into each learner's progress

What educators love about ClassDo

Our students participate in their lessons as if they are in the same physical room as their teachers. Parents who were initially skeptical about online tutoring are thrilled with the outcome once they see how involved in the lessons their children are.
Adam Cook BE
Adam Crook
Director, Boutique Education, Singapore
Through live exercises on each of our students’ private virtual desk, my teachers and I can identify strengths and weaknesses in real time during group lessons, and personalise our guidance effectively. ClassDo fills a critical gap in remote teaching that mere videoconferencing platforms can’t.
Daniel Loke_TheScienceLab
Daniel Loke
Director, The Science Lab, Singapore
ClassDo stood out with its intuitive user interface and many interactive features which our tutors and students find incredibly useful. With API integration, we could seamlessly integrate their system with ours, making classroom management a breeze.
Wilfred Ng TR-1
Wilfred Ng
CEO & Co-founder, TeachRequest, Canada
My students have told me they prefer ClassDo to Zoom. They find it more effective as it is more interactive. They like being able to upload images of Math questions to share with everyone, and everyone can write and draw solutions together.
Kee Hwee Sin-1
Mrs Kee Hwee Sin
A/O Levels Maths coach, Singapore
There are several apps around but most are designed for business meetings. After having tried them, I’m convinced ClassDo’s interactive learning features and its installation-free experience make it the most user-friendly online teaching tool among its peers.
Ethan Wang
Ethan Wang
Dimension Six Education

Made for learning, collaboration and brainstorming

Corporate training



After-school tutoring


School lessons
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Start facilitating participatory and personalised learning on ClassDo today

Start fostering learner creativity with ease

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