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Tools for participatory and personalised learning

All you need to engage and individually coach your learners on one single platform

Tools to support interaction and participation


Interactive sketchpad

For sharing and collaborating  

Create mind maps, interactive games, quizzes where your learners can participate in real time and many more with the built-in interactive sketchpad. All annotations are auto-saved so you don't miss out on your learners' work.  

interactive sketchpad

Awards to incentivise participation 

Reward your learners for their work

Encourage discussion, idea-sharing and question-answering when your learners participate and collaborate. 

medal award confetti-gif-1

Focus tracking 

Re-engage distracted learners

Subtle notifications to alert you of distracted learners and pull them back non-intrusively back into your online class. 

focus tracking

Sync your learners' view with yours

Help your learners to stay on the same page

With Viewport Sync, your learners can participate more effectively when they follow the same view on the file you're sharing from. Learners can also follow each other's view during group discussions. 

viewport sync
Infinite whiteboard for collaboration
Draw, highlight or type on sketchpad
autosaved annotations-1
Auto-saved annotations
Move and rotate objects
edit rights
Assign editing rights to specifics learners
Emulate physical tools for hands-on learning
viewport sync-3
Viewport Sync to follow lead view
Simultaneous screenshare
Awards to incentivise participation
focus tracking-1
Focus tracking for distracted learners
raise hands-1
Raise hands question & answering
Chat with learners during live classes
Preset breakout teams
TikTok-styled quick poll
google form
Embedded Google forms
Typepad to take notes on the go

Tools to support personalised learning


Individual virtual desk

For real-time seat work and private feedback

Replicate the look-over-the-shoulder experience with your learners in your online classes. Not only can you send learners to work on their assignments individually and give feedback privately, differentiated assignments can also be handed out to each learner to match their own ability. 


Visualiser to share written work

Get eyes on physical written work done in your online class

Observe in real-time how your learners approach problem solving on hardcopy work and give feedback instantly, without the hassle of sending photos and uploading them after. 


1-on-1 private discussion in a group class

Provide personalised coaching in privacy

Take individual learners aside during a group class for private coaching. Your discussions are private and will not affect your other learners. 

1-to-1 convo

Analytics for insights

Understand how well each learner is doing with data

Get clarity on individual learners' participation level, track their progress, how they interact with class materials and more. You can then instantly re-strategise your teaching method to improve their learning outcomes. 

LA dashboard
Virtual desk for individual seat work
Visualiser to share written work
1-to-1 convo-2
1-on-1 private conversations
Real-time analytics for insights

Tools for classroom and resource management


Cloud library with unlimited storage and recordings

Share files conveniently

Upload lesson materials, assignments without the hassle of 3rd party storage links. Recordings are also auto-saved into the library so your learners get 24/7 access to revise lessons.


Access files directly in the classroom 

No need for endless screen-sharing

Call up uploaded PDFs, Powerpoint slides, images, and even play back YouTube videos from within your online classroom. 

call out files

One-click work submission

Upload physical or soft-copy work conveniently

Handing in work is now a breeze. All your learners have to do is submit their work directly into the library or within the online classroom. You get notified instantly as well whenever work is submitted. The uploaded files are stored in each learner's own desk space so you will never miss out on their work. 

submit work

Integrated teaching tools 

No more fumbling with multiple apps 

Conduct lessons seamlessly when all the tools you need for participatory and personalised learning are found on one single platform. What's more, no installation or update is required - all you need is a browser!

Easy access to settings & resources
user roles-1
Assign specific roles to users
Standby mode for lesson preparation
In-person mode for physical lessons
Permanent classroom link
Cloud library with unlimited storage
One-click homework submission
autosave recording
Auto-saved recording
Integrated teaching tools
Access files directly in the classroom
Upload and share Powerpoint
Direct ad-free YouTube playback

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